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Fund Raising and Group Sales

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Whether you need 10, 25 or 1000 frames we can definitely help your organization! Traffic Talk has been meeting the needs of groups just like yours for more than SEVEN years now. Although we have thousands of satisfied customers, we want your experience to be the best yet.

Your group can look to us for...

  • Deep Discounts - The more you order, the lower the price. The lower the price, the more your organization can make by reselling.
  • Speedy Service - Unlike the competition, most of our orders are shipped within 1-2 weeks! A sample can be in your hand in just days.
  • Quality Products - We manufacture and assemble our own products according to our Quality Control Standards. In addition, all of our frames are backed by Traffic Talk's 90 day Extended Warranty.
  • Customer Service - We're here to help every step of the way with a dedicated group sales representative.

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More Detailed Information...

Here are the most popular license plate frames that our customers have selected.

  1. Personalized Metal Frames with Engraveable Plastic
    • Available in Chrome or Black Metal
    • 14 engraveable color choices
    • Five font choices
    • More colors and font options can be special ordered

  2. Designer Plastic Frames w/ unlimited color!
    • Full and unlimited color capability
    • Unlimited font and graphic capability
    • Scratch resistant, glossy surface
    • No 'per color' charges like the competition
    • Our design work is free with a purchase of 25 or more frames.

  3. Personalized Metal Frame with FULL Color insert
    • All the benefits of the metal frames without the limits imposed by engraving.
    • Plastic inserts support full and unlimited color
    • Unlimited font and graphic capability
    • Durable metal frame combined with scratch resistant, glossy color surface.
    • Our design work is free with a purchase of 25 or more frames.

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